’From Smalltalk 5.5k XM November 24 on 22 November 1980 at 2:57:08 am.’
Class new title: ’ParagraphPrinter’
    subclassof: Object
    fields: ’frame "<Rectangle> usable area on page"
        leading "<Integer> paragraph leading"
        style "<TextStyle> for paragraphs"
        strm "<Stream> for output"
    declare: ’defaultframe defaultleading ’;

Provides a stream-like interface for printing a succession of paragraphs on a Bravo or Press file. The margins, leading, and style are settable instance variables. BravoPrinter and PressPrinter each override some messages

classInit | inch
    [inch ← 2540.        "1 inch in micas"
    defaultframe ←
        (0.75*inch) asInteger⌾(1*inch) rect: (7.75*inch) asInteger⌾(10*inch).
    defaultleading ← 0]
    [self frame ← self defaultframe.
    self leading ← defaultleading.
    self style ← DefaultTextStyle]
of: strm

Access to state
defaultframe [⇑defaultframe]
defaultleading [⇑defaultleading]
frame [⇑frame]
frame ← frame
leading ← leading
style ← style

print: para        "A dummy, subclasses will override"
    [strm append: para text]

Class stuff
printchanges: lis | selector class heading old mes s delFlg
    "prints Changes format: (’class message’ ’class message’ ...)
    or alternate format: (class (message ...) class () ...) or both
    If an element appears in the list of the form ’~class message’, this puts out a
    line causing the system to forget that method. These come after any additons,
    owing to the sort on Changes"
[lis empty⇒ [⇑lis]
    user displayoffwhile⦂ [
    lis ← lis asStream.
    old ← mes ← false.

    while⦂ class do⦂ [
        "get next class, selector pair"
        [delFlg← false.
        mes and⦂ (selector ← mes next)⇒ ["more of alternate form"]
        s ← lis next⇒ [
            s is: UniqueString⇒ [
                class ← Smalltalk lookup: s.
                mes ← lis next asStream.
                selector ← mes next]
            "Changes format"
            s ← s asStream.
            [s peek=126 "~"⇒[s next. "take it off stream" delFlg← true]].
            class ← Smalltalk◦(s upto: 040) unique.
            selector ← s upto: 040.]
        class ← false].

        delFlg⇒[self printForget: selector class: class]
        "same, different or no class"
        [old ≡ class⇒ []
        [old⇒ [old endCategoryOn: self; endChangesOn: self]].
        class ≡ false⇒ ["finished"]

        user cr; show: class title.
        old ← class.
        class startChangesOn: self.
        heading ← ’As yet unclassified’].

        class≡false⇒ []
        user space; show: selector.
        s ← class organization invert: (selector ← selector unique).
        s⇒[[s ≠ heading⇒[class startCategory: (heading ← s) on: self]].
        class printMethod: selector on: self]]]]
printclass: class | c first [
    class is: Vector⇒ [
        first ← true.
        for⦂ c from: class do⦂ [
            [first⇒ [first ← false] self nextpage].
            self printclass: c]]
    user displayoffwhile⦂ [
        [class is: UniqueString⇒
            [class ← Smalltalk◦class]].
        user cr; show: class title.
        class paraprinton: self]]
printForget: selector class: class
    "Print a line that causes a message to be forgotten"
    [user cr; show: ’~’+class title+’ ’+selector.
    self print:
        (class title + ’ derstands: ↪’ + selector + ’.
’) asParagraph]
stamp | s t [
    t ← user now "date and time".
    s ← Stream default.
    s append: ’’’From ’; append: user version;
        append: ’ on ’; print: t◦1;
        append: ’ at ’; print: t◦2;
        append: ’.’’’; cr.
    self print: s contents asParagraph]

close [strm close]

SystemOrganization classify: ↪ParagraphPrinter under: ’Paragraph printing’.
ParagraphPrinter classInit

Class new title: ’BravoPrinter’
    subclassof: ParagraphPrinter
    fields: ’eject "Eject page before next paragraph if true"
    declare: ’’;

Prints Paragraphs in Bravo format

    [super init. eject ← false]

    [strm next ← 014; cr]
    [eject⇒ [self eject] eject ← true]
print: para | l r
    [[eject⇒ [self eject. eject ← false]].
    strm append: para text; next← 032.        "↑Z"
    l ← frame origin x.
    r ← frame corner x.
    [l≠self defaultframe origin x⇒
        [strm append: ’l’; print: l]].
    [r≠self defaultframe corner x⇒
        [strm append: ’z’; print: r]].
    [leading≠self defaultleading⇒
        [strm append: ’e’; print: leading]].

    "any other run info and cr"
    para bravoRuns: strm.

SystemOrganization classify: ↪BravoPrinter under: ’Paragraph printing’.

Class new title: ’PressPrinter’
    subclassof: ParagraphPrinter
    fields: ’page "<Integer> current page number"
        ypos "<Integer> current y position on page"
        press "<PressFile> for output"
    declare: ’defaultframe ’;

Prints Paragraphs in Press format

classInit | inch
    [inch ← 2540.        "1 inch in micas"
    defaultframe ←
        (1.1*inch) asInteger⌾(1*inch) rect: (7.75*inch) asInteger⌾(10*inch)]
defaultframe [⇑defaultframe]
init [super init. page ← 1. ypos ← frame maxY]
of: strm [press ← PressFile new of: strm]
press: press

nextpage [self nextpage: true]
nextpage: h | n [
    press page.
    page ← page+1.
    ypos ← frame maxY.
    h⇒ [
        n ← page asString.
        press setp: frame maxX+800 ⌾ (ypos + 960);
            selectfont: (press fontindex: 0 style: DefaultTextStyle) - 1;
            append: n;
            showchars: n length]]
print: para [
    self print: para in: (
        Rectangle new origin: frame origin corner: frame maxX ⌾ ypos)]
print: para in: rect | result oldpara [
    [rect width = 0 or⦂ rect height = 0⇒ [user notify: ’zero dimension’]].
    "para is a Paragraph-like object (TextImage, Form, etc.)"
    oldpara ← para.
    until⦂ ((result ← para presson: press in: rect) is: Integer) do⦂ [
        "rest of para goes on next page"
        self nextpage.
        para ← result.
        rect ← rect minX ⌾ frame minY rect: rect maxX ⌾ ypos].

    "original para can hide information. if it split across page boundaries,
    the format may vary. other completion flags can be added later"
    oldpara hidePress: press complete: [oldpara≡para⇒ [0] 1].
    ⇑ypos ← result]

    [press close]
toPrinter [press toPrinter]

Projector behavior

SystemOrganization classify: ↪PressPrinter under: ’Paragraph printing’.
PressPrinter classInit